Domain Prices


Prices below show the cost per year for all of the domain name types that we currently support for registration. All prices are per year unless specified and exclude VAT, eg .nu domains prices are for a 2 year period.

Where prices are not shown for domain transfers, this is because transfers of these specific domain types are not supported or permitted by the registry.

Discounts may be available for longer registration periods - please see the shopping cart for longer term registration pricing when placing your order.

All foreign domains listed above can be registered by anyone - it is not a requirement that you are located in that country. Some additional information may be required to complete your registration however, although the sales team will contact you after your application is made to obtain the required details.

Please note, to register a or domain name we will require your company registration number - Nominet will not allow registration of these to anything but the applicable registered company.

Certain .tv domains are priced higher if they are classified by the registry as 'high-profile', although the actual cost of this is set by the registry on a per-domain basis. Please contact us if you wish us to enquire about the price of a .tv domain for you, otherwise the additional cost will be confirmed to you before payment is taken.

All domain names are registered in conjunction with the corresponding registry's terms and conditions. These are available by clicking the registration terms link from the Domains menu above or otherwise obtained directly from the registry where we do not provide details of their terms.

For domains you fail to renew and that enter redemption, the registry release fee chargeable is £200+VAT for the registry to remove the domain from redemption and back to active status again.