CoLocation Services

Colocation - Cardiff / Newport

Based in our private racks within the Vantage data centre at Newport, we can offer colocation services from single 1U servers up to quarter, half or full racks and even private data suites built to your own requirements. We can also provide connectivity to your servers at speeds of up to up to 10Gbit.

Colocation of your hardware is an ideal solution when you wish to retain full control of your choice of server hardware, software and it's configuration. With colocation, we maintain your server 24/7 in a highly secure data-centre environment with multiple redundant power supplies, UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) backup, redundant air-conditioning systems, fire suppression systems and also a highly resilient 10Gbit network infrastructure.

Single Server Colocation - Details

* Available at additional charge

Optional Extras

Additional Power Usage

Should your server require more power than is allocated within our standard packages, additional power can be purchased on 0.1A increments. Power usage is measured as the peak current consumption during booting.

£5+VAT per 0.1A

Additional Power Connection

If your server has a redundant power supply, we can provide a second power connection to it from a separately fed and diverse supply for you to ensure full power redundancy.

Additional power connections are linked on our APC ports to simultaneously reboot both at the same time if required.

£5+VAT per month

Additional Network Connection

If you require an additional network connection, whether it be for a VLAN, direct link between servers or for out of band access to your server via a DRAC or iLo card, we can provide an additional network connection for you.

We can also provide private interconnects between servers with unmetered data connections.

£5+VAT per month

Dedicated IP Address

If your website requires an SSL certificate, you may need a dedicated IP address for it. A dedicated IP address allows your site to be referenced by its own unique address, as opposed to the standard shared server IP address. All IP address usage must be justified as per RIPE guidelines.

£1+VAT per month

Permanent KVM over IP Access

KVM over IP allows you to access your server over the Internet as if you were directly connected to it. This is particularly useful for diagnosing issues such as filesystem corruption where intervention may be required on an FSCK, or for other tasks such as an operating system installation. With a permanent KVM over IP port you can access your server directly at any time.

£10+VAT per month

Private Rackspace

With your own rackspace, you have options for more flexibility and also additional cost savings. We are able to provide quarter, half and full racks within Vantage at Newport with prices starting from as little as £350 per month

If you have a larger number of servers to colocate or need additional requirements such as routers, switches, etc as part of your installation this is an ideal option.

Custom configurations are available up to 60kW per rack - please contact us for bespoke quotes.

Racks are generally offered on a 12 month minimum term.

Rack Colocation - Details

Fully bespoke rack configurations are available to meet your own specific requirements, including detailed 24/7 monitoring and support of your server and its applications by our network operations staff.

With this service either yourself or our staff can be alerted immediately to any issues affecting the performance or operation of your server, for example a high CPU load, web server not responding, etc.

We can also provide network and infrastructure management services so you concentrate on running your servers whilst we maintain the network infrastructure within your racks such as managed switches.

Colocated servers may be delivered to either our main Cardiff office or alternatively (and for larger deliveries) equipment can be sent directly to us at the data centre (by prior arrangement for security).

Colocated servers do not include any form of management service, although we are available for ad-hoc work as required. Should you require this, please see our Server Management page for further information.

All prices exclude VAT & data transit amounts quoted are at 95th percentile