How do I access webmail?

Webmail is a browser based interface to access your mailbox(s) - it works in a very similar manner to Hotmail, Gmail, etc and can be used from anywhere. This is ideal if you wish to access your e-mail whilst on holiday, from a friends PC, etc when you don't have access to your normal device. This is however designed to be more of a temporary solution for accessing mail - for permanent use we would recommend using a software mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird which will are more flexible and faster to use.

To access webmail, you need to enter the following in your browser: where is your own domain name and so should be substituted accordingly.

If you are accessing this from a corporate network that may block the webmail port used, you can also use as we provide a proxy service that will handle your request and normally pass any standard firewall as it uses the normal website ports instead.

When you reach the login page,  please enter your full e-mail address and the associated mailbox password to log in.

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