How to configure Outlook Express for your e-mail


In this example, we are going to assume that you have created a mailbox called fred for the account, therefore making an e-mail address


Firstly, open Outlook Express and then select Tools option from the top of the page, then Accounts:




Next, from the accounts page, select Add and then Mail to start the Internet Connection Wizard and create your new mail account in Outlook Express:




Next, enter the name that you wish to see the E-mail has come from. You may wish to use your own name or company name for this:




You now need to enter your e-mail address. This is the e-mail address for the account being set up. In our example it is




Next, you need to select whether you wish your mailbox to be set up as a POP3 or IMAP mailbox. Our servers support both methods. The difference is that with a POP3 mailbox, the mail is downloaded to your own local computer and then deleted from the server afterwards, saving disk space on your hosting account. IMAP however keeps the mail on the server and means that not only is it regularly backed up by ourselves, but you can also then access your e-mail from any location that you set this account up on as well as when using webmail.


The incoming mail server is the server that you are collecting your mail from. This needs to be entered in the format, and so in this example needs to bet set to


The outgoing (SMTP) server is the address of the server that you use to send your mail out via. We provide an SMTP server with your hosting account as this should be set to the same as the incoming server unless you specificially wish to use another, such as that which is provided by your ISP.


Once these are set, click Next  to continue




Now you need to enter your account username & password. The userid is in the format, therefore in our example where we've created a mailbox called fred and our domain name is, the user id will be Your password will be whatever you have set for the mailbox at the time you created this in your control panel. Make sure that remember password is ticked as otherwise Outlook Express will ask you for this every time you check your mail.




You have now entered all of the required information in order to use your account. Just click finish to start using your mailbox.





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