How do I perform a domain transfer to yourselves?

For any non .uk domains, there is a defined process for transferring domain names between registrars. Please be aware though that a very small amount of domain types cannot be transferred between registrars at all due to registry imposed rules, however the majority of common ones including .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .eu, etc can easily be transferred.

When a registrar transfer is performed, the process very basically involves us applying to renew the domain for another year, and in doing so we then end up in control of the domain. For this reason we do charge the cost of a single year registration for the process, however this is not an administration charge and will add another years registration to the domain name on completion of the transfer.

To submit the transfer request, you will normally need what is known as an EPP code (also known as auth, authorisation, or security code). This is obtainable from the existing registrar of the domain. On submission of the transfer request, an approval e-mail is sent from our registry to the admin contact e-mail address for the domain. You can check who this is by performing a whois lookup on your domain name. The admin contact must be able to receive this e-mail and respond to initiate the transfer process - if they cannot then this must be changed to an address that is useable before the transfer process is started. Once the transfer is initiated, your existing registrar will also send an approval e-mail to the admin e-mail address to confirm that you are happy for the domain to transfer away. Once confirmed, the process normally completes within 7 days and then will be manageable from within the client area on our website.

Please be aware that the authorisation e-mails must be responded to promptly as otherwise the transfer will fail. We are quite happy if you wish to set the admin contact for a domain to our own so that we can then deal with the entire transfer process - we would just recommend that you open a support ticket advising us of this beforehand.

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