How to I update my registrant contact details?

To update the registrant details for a domain name, this is performed from within the client area of our website. You are able to update the registrant name and address (not the registrant name for .uk domains) as well as any associated contact telephone number and e-mail address. Please note that these details are held with the registry and are completely independent from those within our client area which are only for our purposes.

To update the details, from within the client area firstly select Domains -> My Domains from the drop-down options at the top of the page.

Them to ther right of the domain name you wish to edit you will see an option for 'Manage Domain' with a drop-down to the right of this. Within this drop-down list is an option for 'Edit Contact Information' which is the option that you require to make any changes. These details are updated in realtime with the registry for you and so do not take any time to be processed.
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