.htaccess File Generator


This page will allow you to generate a .htaccess file to use within your webspace. Fill the required options below and then push the "generate" button in order to get your .htaccess file. Only the required options need to be completed.

Copy and paste the generated content into your .htaccess file. Remember, this file must be in the root of your site (the public_html directory).

Public access options

Example: penguin-uk.com (don't use www or http)

Config website

Example: index.php index.html (default is index.html)
Example: UTF-8
Example: .avi .pdf .mp4
Example: 2147483647 (2GB)
Example: webmaster@domain.com


Example: 29030400

Custom errors pages

Example: error404.html
Example: error500.html


Example: .php .jsp .cgi
Example: get|post|put
Example: https://penguin-uk.com/mylogo.png

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