Dedicated IP Addresses

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique address on the Internet and is used for accessing your website. Normally, all customers on the same web hosting server share the same IP address, namely that of the server itself. An IP address takes the format of 4 numbers with a full stop separating them, for example

What is a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address is an IP address on the Internet that is specifically allocated to to your own website and no others. This is therefore not shared with anyone else and only resolves to your own hosting account.

Why would I need a dedicated IP address?

For many years, a dedicated IP address was a requirement for certain applications and most commonly for SSL on websites in order to be able to install a certificate. This however is no longer an issue as all of our servers support something called SNI which allows for SSL support on websites without needing an dedicated IP address.

Dedicated IP Address Allocation

Whilst we have more than enough IP addresses available for allocation to sites as required, there is now a global shortage of IPv4 IP addresses (the normal IP addresses in use). Any IP addresses need to be allocation in accordance with RIPE justification. RIPE are the European Regional Internet Registry and any IP addresses allocated within Europe are subject to their guidelines and terms. Due to this, we must comply with RIPEs requirements when allocating IP addresses to sites.

What do I need to do if I require a dedicated IP address?

If you think that your site requires an dedicated IP address, in the first instance please open a ticket to our support staff to discuss the requirement. Should you requirement meet justification, we can then raise an invoice for you for an IP address for your site.

Please note, for shared and reseller hosting accounts, SSL certificates are no longer a justification for a dedicated IP address as these will work equally effectively with the servers shared IP address.


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