I need a PHP setting changed

We aim to have PHP on our servers configured to achieve a balance between the majority of requirements for customers and good server security. It is very rare that our configuration will cause any issues, but very occasionally we do receive requests to change a PHP setting for an account as unfortunately there is no way to configure a server to suit everyones requirements.

Currently due to the way that the server security systems work there is no way to change a PHP setting for an individual hosting account. Any changes made are at the server level and so would also alter these settings for all other customers. Additionally, we maintain a consistent configuration for all servers so that customers with multiple hosting accounts will be able to use exactly the same scripts on any website/server as required.

If you therefore require a PHP configuration change, this firstly has to be reviewed to establish any impacts from the changes. This change would then need to be made to every one of our servers as well as our server provisioning systems so as to ensure the configuration is consistent across all servers. Due to the work required, there is therefore normally a charge of an hours server management time to implement such a change should it be deemed viable.

If the required change is not suitable to be made, you may wish to instead consider a VPS or dedicated server as you can then use any configuration that you wish due to these platforms not hosting any other customers and so you would be the only one affected by the changes.


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