My website shows 'Not Secure'

Why does my website show ‘Not Secure’?

Within the last year browsers have been making changes in an attempt to improve security - this includes highlighting when a website does not have a valid SSL certificate.   An SSL certificate ensures that the data passed between web server and browser remains private and integral by encrypting the information you send.  If you access your website via https:// then you are making an encrypted connection to the server and so your information is passed in a manner that it cannot be intercepted.

You will now see 'Not Secure' in the address bar where the padlock would normally be. This is to demonstrate to your visitors that information they provide via your website is not sent via an encrypted connection.

What can you do if you have this message displayed on your website?

If you have a Business or above hosting package, we provide a complimentary SSL certificate. You are able to enable this from within cPanel by going to SSL/TLS status then press Run AutoSSL. 
In order to show your SSL certificate, you will need to access via https. You are able to force your website to use HTTPS even if HTTP is typed as follows:

Please log into cPanel (, go to Domains and then using the toggle option for “Force https redirect”. This will force the browser to display the content using the encryption.

What if I don’t have a Business or above package?

If you are on one of our Starter or legacy Web Presence packages, you can still have SSL on your site.  You are able to order a low cost SSL certificate (from £14.99 per year) using the following link:

Alternatively, we can assist you with upgrading your hosting account to Business to benefit from the additional features such as Spam Filtering and DNS Management as well as the additional space and your SSL certificate.

If you require any assistance or have any queries, please open a ticket with our support team from within your client area and they will be happy to help.



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