Due to recent updates to the client area software, there have been additional features added to allow other contacts to manage elements of your hosting account and subsequent services.

Previously, you would need to add a sub-contact to your client area profile and provide access to that person to login to the client area.  This is a useful feature, however, for someone such as a designer, they would have to have a separate email account for each client as the client area would use the email account as the login information.

With User Accounts, this allows you to manage multiple client areas from within your own client area profile, removing the need for you to have different login details for different clients.  

To enable this, the profile holder will need to log into the client area and go to User Management (found in the drop down menu next to Hello, Name).  They will then be able to send an invitation to your email address with the relevant permissions.

If you already have a client area profile, we recommend using that email address so that you can manage all of the accounts from within one profile.  If you do not have a client area profile already, you will be able to create one via the registration page.

If you already have a sub-account on a clients profile, you will need to have the client send you an invitation so that you can continue to login, manage the account, submit tickets etc.

Please contact our Sales Team if you have any queries regarding this and they will be happy to guide you through it.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

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